Thatch Roof

Putting Together A Structural Roof

Thatch Roof Franschhoek works to make the best impression possible both in public and in our clients’ homes. We specialize in the installation of structural roofs. We can all agree that having a fashionable and stylish interior is just as important as having one outside.

Replace timber tie beams with galvanized threaded steel rod tie beams for a cleaner, broader appearance. On the inside, it looks fantastic, and we’ve chosen the best materials to provide power, elegance, and durability. We collaborate with architects to provide functional structural solutions for our clients. For the manufacturing and installation of custom-designed roof trusses and ceilings, we propose a well-planned schedule.

Our architects have years of experience designing internal roof structures that are both warm and distinctive in all weather conditions, as well as structurally sound and concrete. All of our roof structures are designed by a Professional Developer, allowing us to provide detailed structural drawings to architects.

What You Get Is Exactly What You Pay For

Thatch Roof Franschhoek is known for providing high-quality products to its customers. When we begin a new project, we make certain that our work represents not only reliable installations and quality assurance, but also that it is stable.

There are many thatch companies on the market, but not all of them are designed to provide protection while adhering to strict building codes. When a roof fails to meet the SANS 10407 standard, it becomes dangerous to citizens because it poses a real threat.

All of the SANS 10407 security criteria are met or exceeded by any roof we design. When you choose Thatch Roof Franschhoek as your thatch and construction partner, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality, durable, and secure structure.

Thatch Roof After-Sales Service in Franschhoek

We remain confident in our ability to provide technical assistance to those who require it. Our company only uses high-quality products to ensure complete customer loyalty. We continue to provide excellent after-sales service, notifying customers when their contracts are up for renewal and providing a 3-year guarantee on completed thatch installations. If you’re looking for a dependable Thatcher in the Western Cape, please contact us to set up a meeting.

A high-quality thatch roof necessitates professional installation. We not only construct chains, but also reconstruct and repair thatch roofs. Our specialists have extensive experience restoring and reconstructing various roof types.

We provide excellent after-sales service to ensure your comfort and safety. All signed contracts are saved in our database, and if the warranty on their product expires, all clients are notified of our 3-year extended warranty offer.

Pergolas Are An Excellent Value As An Alternative To Thatch

Thatch roofs aren’t for everyone, and they aren’t always affordable, but there is an alternative. By simply adding Pergola lathes, you can still create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space. It offers good light shielding, is attractive in a greenhouse, and is low-maintenance.

Tantalite is used to cure the poles and blue gum lathes, ensuring that you have many years of enjoyment and beauty. These pergolas’ 30-degree slope provides a sense of space and comfortable seating beneath the roof. If you’re worried about the cost of a new roof, this is the most cost-effective option.

Why Should You Think About a Thatch Roof in Franschhoek?

We can construct thatch roofs and structures based on your ideas. Pergolas are made of blue gum concrete wood that has been exposed. While these tasks take a long time to complete, the end result is well worth it. This service is available to customers who want a more modern look for their homes but don’t want a thatch roof. The highest quality blue gum curing is used in the production of all of our lumber.

Thatch Roof Franschhoek For Estates

To finish construction and deliver the highest possible production level, our highly competent and qualified staff uses clear Boron timber poles. It’s also not a good idea to put a boron-treated pole into the ground. For ground communication, a Tanolite (CCA)-treated pole can be used, or it can be installed on top of buildings and pillars.

Thatch Roof Franschhoek collaborates with experts to provide our clients with realistic structural options. Internal roof structures designed by our engineers are not only warm and exotic, but also structurally sound and concrete.

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